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Welcome to born to shop forced to cook. It’s been over a year now since my husband has locked me in the kitchen and thrown away the key. He forces me to cook meat, he forces me to cook dairy, he forces me to cook fish, and so on. Just because I am a slave to the kitchen doesn’t mean you have to be. On born to shop forced to cook I devote my time to creating beautiful and easy to follow recipes so you don’t have to. But All joking aside, it wasn’t until I got into the kitchen that I realized how much respect I have for those chefs, mothers, sisters, daughters, and some dads, that devote time to cooking for their loved ones. In my estimation, no other art form (that I know of) warms a heart and brings loved ones home like good cooking does. So I’ve hung my handbags and swapped them for some chef knives and spatulas, all in the spirit of delivering great food that your friends and family will love.

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